An Ode To Life

I saw this morning, but called it Night

You think its bright enough? put up a Fight

is this end still far, is it left or Right?

Cos patiently, i’ve walked this tunnel to see the Light

They say, when the days get Hollow

May i taste my tears, its as sweet as Sorrow

I’d live like theres no Tommorow

But inspiration matters, to these minds that Follow

Oh! my eyes ache, all i see is the Odds

My voice i have lost, i do the Nods

Please touch my mind, caress my Thoughts

It’s a life restrained, filled with Buts

Will good and evil ever Blend?

Will the meek and soft ever join the Trend?

But yet, only if i understood these words i’ve Penned

Slowly but steady, this pain will End.

@sicily101 @dtmiil


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