cerebration of a a virtuos life seeker.

Feel free to call me Ajar
Cos Often times I have forgotten my cause.
And i end up paying dearly n start again afar
So, may this fear always bring me to a pause

Do I take my finest walk on a still stream?
Have I forgotten the words tht grew me?
Get back to life I yell, I scream
Reality is the only one, I let to school me

Do remember me by my words of today
Quote me by my vocals of the now
I wasn’t born to go astray
Focus can’t be lost. No way, no how

Buh alast whatever u bless, I’ll bless
Jst like rabbai told peter
Call me a loyal protege, more or less
Am not an alibi. I’m just a virtuous life seeker

Nwanguma Ogo.

@dtmiil @sicily101