“Abdul” (spoken word)

His name, was Abdul
2 streets away from my avenue
He was calm, collected and cool
A great boy no doubt, but also was a fool

Peer pressure,luv of the crew & gambling too
Made this young man drop outha school
From a good home, a household well to do
He reduced that love to a family of two

I was 9. was the first time I heard a gun,boom
But in yrs to come, I won’t be hearing a few
He wailed as he fell on a nearby pew
No one came, not even a dude frm his crew

Abdul laid there hours til moms heard d news
Heartbroken she was as she cried “only 22″
I watched in shock as he entered a place new
his body got cold as his soul flew

Decades have passed
But the memory I still think it through
Please stop the violence I ask.
lest You make an Abdul out of you.

Nwanguma Ogo (Sic)


10 thoughts on ““Abdul” (spoken word)

  1. Really nice poem, very much so. It would be great as a ‘Spoken Word’ piece. As any other form, it would have benefitted from word economy. Lovely message as well: as long as we live amidst so much violence, no one is safe.

  2. Your words Sic to all virtuous life seeker. Any of us could have being Abdul, our strong will would pave the way for us.

  3. A tear, or two, actually slipped out of my eyes after I read thru dis one..really deep..I hope a lot of people get the opportunity to read this..Keep it going Sic…Proud of ya!!

  4. this is just so beautifully written, very modern, easy to relate to, and straight to the point…..message well passed, kudos bruv……hope to see the book soon

  5. Thanks to ya’ll, I appreciate. @adejoh: I respect ur critic. @jsil & @kiki: thanks for ur strength. @raspberry: I know u got my back. @dabo: I always look forward to ur comments and critic. Thanks ya’ll, keep visiting and commenting.

  6. Wow! Loved it. Really interesting and captivating short story. Hope u don’t mind,I borrowed it. Keep it up. Kudos. Maybe u should be planning on publishing a story someday.

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