Torn freedom (a tribute to Chinua Achebe)

He pointed far east as he innocently asked  “where is that dark place?”

I couldn’t answer straight , because as at few days back my mind still battled between Hopes and Impediments,  but its dying.

I am a soldier, my fight began at the Anthills of the Savannah, my cause wasn’t to be a Man of the people nor to prove power, I wasn’t even married then, but then  Marriage is a private affair.

The few combats we won and the shots I narrowly escaped were signs that I was saved by an Arrow of God. Yes, I may have comfortably survived Dead men’s path but inside me I was No longer at ease.

Everyday I missed home, The Flute, The Drum.

I searched steadily for Civil Peace but somewhere inside, my heart told me Beware soul brother, its a “torn freedom”.

And finally, the day the fight was lost, the day a part of me was lost, the day I came home, was the day I realized that Things fall apart.  Although I haven’t given up, but I am tired.

And for my little grandson, the next time he pointed far east and asked me “where is that dark place?”

I simply smiled and replied There was a country.

In loving memory of Prof. Chinua Achebe (1930 – 2013)

as penned by:

Nwanguma Ogo (Sic)


9 thoughts on “Torn freedom (a tribute to Chinua Achebe)

  1. A sublime writing. I love the way in which you use title of his works in such descriptive form. Keep doing your thing Sic. #The pen be our salvation#

  2. As usual Sic, you have succeeded in compiling a lovely piece with the help of equally lovely pieces…I really like your choice of words & the idea you’v tried to depict with this…Chinua definitely left his mark..May his soul RIP…

  3. The first novel that ever made any meaning impact on me was THINGS FALL APART. Read it a hundred times over. Its a pity one of the last fearless critics of bad rulership in Nigeria is gone!

    Nice combination bro, I wish you more strength.

  4. well done bruv u ve done it again as usual am so proud of u and am sure Chinua is also proud where ever he is. May his soul RIP

  5. I appreciate every view and comment on here. Thanks for your strength. No word play nor paradox can quantify the wisdom and lesson chinua’s works brought to us all. Bless

  6. A very nice,brief and interesting piece…keep It up and thanks for reminding me that I’ve not read any of his novels X_X

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