“She” (spoken word)

Brown eyes, Milk skin, hot behind, beautiful thing. No lies, God’s design.


Has a history, no one knows about it. No one bothered, they all wanted to taste the love she sold.


Would smoke grass, choke up, leave class i couldn’t keep up, she moved fast.


She knew hate, understood love, though never met it. How unfair life was, she didn’t get it.


The same lips’ that kissed her, the hands that felt her. were the same tongues and fingers so quick to judge her.


Would stay awake and reminisce on her bed, her tears that night, how she bled, her helpless fight, its weird, her pride was supposed to be her right.


She’d rise and fall like a star, lived to change her frosted scar,would often ask her Maker to take her, “do it now”, not later.


Her life? This is the much I know.
Most of us are in search of love, fancy treasures and all. But she, all she wants is to erase a night that’s changed her life forever, or maybe find a quiet room to die young.


Nwanguma Ogo (sic)


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