One day my soul just opened

Mild breeze of nature, Peaceful songs of birds
Sounds of mother creature, a place meant for nerds
I came here to write

This year, I learnt that the people you love will punish you for it. But, love them anyway…. I realised that life is a dead end, the truth is King, but lies somehow rule the world

Being good is almost a waste of time,
that freezes the warmth out of you and then eats you into silent caves of Aloneness

An imperfect mind, A heart of regret and guilt
An open eyes of blind, a new start for hands of filth
I came to end a fight

I learnt about men and how unsure most of us are. It is just age. A great amount of us Never grow up
I learnt about Women, and their utter blindness and then realised that Adam’s rib is the Original bone of Contention.

I ask, Do you not see how easy we bleed? How daily, it flows, gathers, and then congeals?.
I intend to not have resolutions. I will better myself because I must.
Written instructions Pressure us and we exist for lighter burdens….
It is not always calculated attempts that count

Truth is i am alive, thankful and most importantly I am free.
It could be this second, minute or even this year. Not sure

But, One day my soul just opened

Sic /Austin grey



I am a heart that beats for hope
A hand of time waiting to count my mark
A tough skin designed to feel but cope
A fistful of patience waiting on things I lack

On the shores of deep worries and my unSeen ado
I lay, weak but hold to the dream I seek
I weep, though my pain has seen its
My only escape is in the same words I speak

But before I give in to my next fear
Even Though my strength is almost bleak
Maybe before I see my next tear
I’ll wait on unseen help or some heavenly trick

I am a heart that beats for hope
A hand of time ticking to count my mark
I’ll move, I’ll strife and I will cope
Someday my shine will come even at dark