Lust but found

Warm morning thoughts as the sunrises
’twas the 5th time in a week, he’d wake wit his legs spread apart and his eggs in her mouth
He was about to reach for her hair and maybe slow her pace, but realised his hands are cuffed to the bed.
“Stay calm king kong,it’s still my show”
Planting her wet kisses all around his pipe walls, letting his stick brush against her ripe balls. She ruled her Queendom.

On and on she went, his body and soul inert in helpless pleasure, leaving his spontaneous tool gullible, yet so erect, in a tapeless measure.
He was close , and he begged her to take all his cream.
“Not yet” she whispers.
She Gets up, he spreads wider. She reverses, turnt up, he slid inside her.
Backing him now, she made him watch her behind bounce, liking every ounce of her twerking, jerking was all he did, cos his white blood was already lurking.

he’s about to let her mercury meet his Pluto, as he grind across her lips,
the ones between her hips.
He respected her naughty guts,
she accomplished in all her plots.
She’s Succeeded in resurrecting their deepest thoughts,
And finally,

He nuts.

Lust but found.




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