One day my soul just opened

Mild breeze of nature, Peaceful songs of birds
Sounds of mother creature, a place meant for nerds
I came here to write

This year, I learnt that the people you love will punish you for it. But, love them anyway…. I realised that life is a dead end, the truth is King, but lies somehow rule the world

Being good is almost a waste of time,
that freezes the warmth out of you and then eats you into silent caves of Aloneness

An imperfect mind, A heart of regret and guilt
An open eyes of blind, a new start for hands of filth
I came to end a fight

I learnt about men and how unsure most of us are. It is just age. A great amount of us Never grow up
I learnt about Women, and their utter blindness and then realised that Adam’s rib is the Original bone of Contention.

I ask, Do you not see how easy we bleed? How daily, it flows, gathers, and then congeals?.
I intend to not have resolutions. I will better myself because I must.
Written instructions Pressure us and we exist for lighter burdens….
It is not always calculated attempts that count

Truth is i am alive, thankful and most importantly I am free.
It could be this second, minute or even this year. Not sure

But, One day my soul just opened

Sic /Austin grey



I am a heart that beats for hope
A hand of time waiting to count my mark
A tough skin designed to feel but cope
A fistful of patience waiting on things I lack

On the shores of deep worries and my unSeen ado
I lay, weak but hold to the dream I seek
I weep, though my pain has seen its
My only escape is in the same words I speak

But before I give in to my next fear
Even Though my strength is almost bleak
Maybe before I see my next tear
I’ll wait on unseen help or some heavenly trick

I am a heart that beats for hope
A hand of time ticking to count my mark
I’ll move, I’ll strife and I will cope
Someday my shine will come even at dark



“She” (spoken word)

Brown eyes, Milk skin, hot behind, beautiful thing. No lies, God’s design.


Has a history, no one knows about it. No one bothered, they all wanted to taste the love she sold.


Would smoke grass, choke up, leave class i couldn’t keep up, she moved fast.


She knew hate, understood love, though never met it. How unfair life was, she didn’t get it.


The same lips’ that kissed her, the hands that felt her. were the same tongues and fingers so quick to judge her.


Would stay awake and reminisce on her bed, her tears that night, how she bled, her helpless fight, its weird, her pride was supposed to be her right.


She’d rise and fall like a star, lived to change her frosted scar,would often ask her Maker to take her, “do it now”, not later.


Her life? This is the much I know.
Most of us are in search of love, fancy treasures and all. But she, all she wants is to erase a night that’s changed her life forever, or maybe find a quiet room to die young.


Nwanguma Ogo (sic)

“i am selling soul”(prequel to rebirth)

I am selling soul
That fear, its front and rear as a whole
The hold back thought that’s left a hole
Distracting my mind from eternal goal

The ache from the pain I taste
the imp that tell my brain am chaste
The time that count my years of waste
the emotional boycots my eyes have faced

I won’t let my yesterday define me
Because tomorrow is still a taut virgin
So, I came to this dark room to find me
new to life, though my inner child is aging

So I ask, free your mind from judging
Am only trading fear, the rear & its whole
Cos I will let courage & strength to surge in
But till then. I am selling soul.

Nwanguma Ogo (Sic)

“in the end”

And in the end, I want you to realize that am not as confident as you thought I was.

And in the end, I want you see my laughter but also notice my tears.

And in the end, I need you to feel my courage but also recognize my fears.

And in the end, I want you to stand somewhere close I can see you and have hope.

And in the end, I may be numb but I need u to hold me tight and tell me its okay.

And in the end, I want you to look at my face and see me for the first time.

Because This is the end. And I think am done hiding. here is Goodmorning.

Nwanguma Ogo (Sic)

Torn freedom (a tribute to Chinua Achebe)

He pointed far east as he innocently asked  “where is that dark place?”

I couldn’t answer straight , because as at few days back my mind still battled between Hopes and Impediments,  but its dying.

I am a soldier, my fight began at the Anthills of the Savannah, my cause wasn’t to be a Man of the people nor to prove power, I wasn’t even married then, but then  Marriage is a private affair.

The few combats we won and the shots I narrowly escaped were signs that I was saved by an Arrow of God. Yes, I may have comfortably survived Dead men’s path but inside me I was No longer at ease.

Everyday I missed home, The Flute, The Drum.

I searched steadily for Civil Peace but somewhere inside, my heart told me Beware soul brother, its a “torn freedom”.

And finally, the day the fight was lost, the day a part of me was lost, the day I came home, was the day I realized that Things fall apart.  Although I haven’t given up, but I am tired.

And for my little grandson, the next time he pointed far east and asked me “where is that dark place?”

I simply smiled and replied There was a country.

In loving memory of Prof. Chinua Achebe (1930 – 2013)

as penned by:

Nwanguma Ogo (Sic)

“Abdul” (spoken word)

His name, was Abdul
2 streets away from my avenue
He was calm, collected and cool
A great boy no doubt, but also was a fool

Peer pressure,luv of the crew & gambling too
Made this young man drop outha school
From a good home, a household well to do
He reduced that love to a family of two

I was 9. was the first time I heard a gun,boom
But in yrs to come, I won’t be hearing a few
He wailed as he fell on a nearby pew
No one came, not even a dude frm his crew

Abdul laid there hours til moms heard d news
Heartbroken she was as she cried “only 22″
I watched in shock as he entered a place new
his body got cold as his soul flew

Decades have passed
But the memory I still think it through
Please stop the violence I ask.
lest You make an Abdul out of you.

Nwanguma Ogo (Sic)


So, all these years I stayed true
I mean, what wouldn’t I do, its u
Am not about, the nights I felt blue
Nor the times for you I caught flu

I speak of the moments I passed through
how hours rolled and times flew
the hopes I nursed and still do
The hurt, the halt and the pain too

U could let me speak my heart to say a few
But hell,what do I knw abt feelings & loving u
Can I even keep up with u & ur hot crew
I mean am just a rural boy with much coo

I own no diamonds nor Golds for us two
All I have been is more or less your walk beau
One thing I own is my breath & until its due
I hold it and I swear that I LOVE YOU.

Nwanguma Ogo (Sic)




My sincere strife to survive has been uncovered

My hunger to breathe is no more news.

I’ve let go the worms of worry that have kept me bothered

I may be one, but I have shared my thoughts in two’s

Don’t try to understand my mind

Unless you promise to return the innocence they stole

I’ll keep searching, and someday peace I might find

Am not a fighter but freedom is my goal

I may choose to lounge on self pity

But I’ll always blame me for the fruits of wasted years

Or I may fuse on steady positivity

And finally let go the roots of my salty tears

Do me a favor, tell the world am coming out of my shell

Because pain has left me numb

Am done saying it, its time to live it well

Fear has made me strong.

Nwanguma Ogo (SIC)


cerebration of a a virtuos life seeker.

Feel free to call me Ajar
Cos Often times I have forgotten my cause.
And i end up paying dearly n start again afar
So, may this fear always bring me to a pause

Do I take my finest walk on a still stream?
Have I forgotten the words tht grew me?
Get back to life I yell, I scream
Reality is the only one, I let to school me

Do remember me by my words of today
Quote me by my vocals of the now
I wasn’t born to go astray
Focus can’t be lost. No way, no how

Buh alast whatever u bless, I’ll bless
Jst like rabbai told peter
Call me a loyal protege, more or less
Am not an alibi. I’m just a virtuous life seeker

Nwanguma Ogo.

@dtmiil @sicily101