“i am selling soul”(prequel to rebirth)

I am selling soul
That fear, its front and rear as a whole
The hold back thought that’s left a hole
Distracting my mind from eternal goal

The ache from the pain I taste
the imp that tell my brain am chaste
The time that count my years of waste
the emotional boycots my eyes have faced

I won’t let my yesterday define me
Because tomorrow is still a taut virgin
So, I came to this dark room to find me
new to life, though my inner child is aging

So I ask, free your mind from judging
Am only trading fear, the rear & its whole
Cos I will let courage & strength to surge in
But till then. I am selling soul.

Nwanguma Ogo (Sic)


Torn freedom (a tribute to Chinua Achebe)

He pointed far east as he innocently asked  “where is that dark place?”

I couldn’t answer straight , because as at few days back my mind still battled between Hopes and Impediments,  but its dying.

I am a soldier, my fight began at the Anthills of the Savannah, my cause wasn’t to be a Man of the people nor to prove power, I wasn’t even married then, but then  Marriage is a private affair.

The few combats we won and the shots I narrowly escaped were signs that I was saved by an Arrow of God. Yes, I may have comfortably survived Dead men’s path but inside me I was No longer at ease.

Everyday I missed home, The Flute, The Drum.

I searched steadily for Civil Peace but somewhere inside, my heart told me Beware soul brother, its a “torn freedom”.

And finally, the day the fight was lost, the day a part of me was lost, the day I came home, was the day I realized that Things fall apart.  Although I haven’t given up, but I am tired.

And for my little grandson, the next time he pointed far east and asked me “where is that dark place?”

I simply smiled and replied There was a country.

In loving memory of Prof. Chinua Achebe (1930 – 2013)

as penned by:

Nwanguma Ogo (Sic)